Just wanted to let you know that it was a blessing to see you on Cowboy Church TV. I work as a drilling consultant and I stay on rigs 14 days or longer each hitch. Cowboy Church on TV is the highlight of my Sundays when I'm sitting on a well. Thanks for the encouraging program.

I just saw my first episode of Cowboy Church on RFD. And I must say it really touched me. I have just in the past few months found my way back to church by way of cowboy church and my voice. God truly does work in strange ways, but He does give us our gifts to use for Him. You do a wonderful job and God has Blessed you. Keep it up.

Dear Susie, Just had to email you to say how much we enjoy your Cowboy Church. My husband and myself watch it as much as we can. We live in England out in the country in a place called Wisbech. I edit a Newsletter for the Kings Lynn Salvation Army. The place Kings Lynn is about twenty miles away from where we are. We have told our Captain about your programme. I am not sure if he has been able to watch it yet, but I know he will if he can. Again, we love your programme. Please take great care and we send you our Dear Lord's Blessings.

We appreciate what you do! I just got thru watching part 1 of Cowgirl Weekend from Smithville, TX, and I couldn't wait to email you to say that you made my Mother's Day! You did a SUPER job on this segment and we can't wait to see part 2 next week! Thank you so much!!