Susie McEntire Eaton's smile is a genuine one -- and a familiar one. With more than a passing physical resemblance to her sister, Reba McEntire, Susie also shares her big sister’s musical gifting. But Susie has directed her talents to the country gospel side of American Roots music garnering much acclaim from her peers and fans alike. In addition to numerous awards and nominations from TNN, GMA, and CCMA, Susie has been named “Artist of the Year” several times in the field of Positive Country Music. She has also scored four #1 singles on the Positive Country radio charts. However, more than her notoriety, it is Susie’s kindness and determination in the midst of difficulties and her genuine compassion for others that inspires people around her.

Susie often reflects about her early Christian experiences in her concerts, combining her wealth of songs (20 CDs to date) with inspiring life stories. “The person who influenced me the most for Christ was my Grandma Smith who babysat me while my siblings went to school. It was through her influence that I recognized what Christianity was all about – not all about going to church – it was about Him living His life through me,” she says.

Raised on an Oklahoma ranch, Susie began singing as a teenager with her siblings, Pake and Reba, as the “Singing McEntires.” In 1980, after graduating from Oklahoma State University, Susie was again singing with her sister who, by this time, had become a country superstar. In addition to performing concerts for sold-out crowds, they made television appearances on programs such as “The Johnny Carson Show,” “Hee Haw,” and “The Grand Ole Opry.” Susie says, “I learned so much in this short period of time – little did I know that this travel time with Reba would help to prepare me for my own solo career in music.”

In 1984, Susie submitted to God’s calling in her life to sing Christian music, and in the years to follow traveled the country with her husband Paul and 3 children. But the abuse that had already plagued them earlier in their marriage wouldn’t quit – no matter how much counseling they had.

After two separations and now divorce, Susie is a mom with three adult children. "After 25 years of marriage, I could not continue to be in a situation of verbal and mental abuse and remain healthy. I had to make a choice to do what was best for me and my children,” Susie shares.

With a clear head, renewed joy, and a peace she hasn’t felt in years, Susie says she feels more energetic and positive about her music than ever before. AND she has been able to embark on a dream she’s had for years: she is co-host of “Cowboy Church” on RFD-TV. (Dish, Direct TV, and many Cable Systems across the country) “My family has been in the ranching/rodeo world for four generations, and I am so pleased to be able to bring Jesus Christ to this audience in a down to earth, country style.”

Susie’s music catalog is not just a collection of inspiring songs, it has become her life story. "Looking back now, with 20/20 vision, I can clearly see God’s hand of guidance through all of the difficult moments in my life. By sharing my story, I hope it will help someone else find their way through whatever they may be facing. I can think of no greater purpose for my music than that.”

Susie has recently signed on to be a spokesperson for the Community Learning Council, Inc. based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. CLC is a non-profit organization that focuses on education to help prevent and stop domestic violence.

Russ Weaver is the co-Host of Cowboy Church and Pastor of Shepherd’s Valley Cowboy Church. Shepherd's Valley Cowboy Church is located in Alvarado, Texas, and was founded by Russ in July 1997 which hosts an average weekly attendance of approximately 900 people.

“As Pastor of Shepherd's Valley Cowboy Church, I enjoy my family and the life God has given me to the fullest,” says Russ. Russ Weaver was associated with the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association for eleven years as a Calf Roper. He had the honor of serving as a Home Missionary for the Assemblies of God in the Rodeo and Horse Racing industries. He was privileged to start the Race Track Chaplaincy of Texas. Russ was the Founder and served as President as the Cowboy Church Fellowship of the Assemblies of God from 1999 until 2014.

Russ and Anna have been married since September 1, 1978.  Anna worked as a flight attendant for Sky West Airlines but has now retired.  They have three boys,  Levi who is married to Heather is a Sports Writer for WFFA Channel 8 in Ft. Worth, TX. covering the Texas Rangers Baseball team.  Jordan is married to Lacey and he is a Professional Team Roper and Cowboy Church Pastor at Shilo Ranch Cowboy Church in Powell Butte, Oregon and also in Weatherford, TX.  “Our youngest son Shea received his eternal promotion at the age of 13 due to a tragic car accident in the fall of 1997,” quoted by Russ and Anna.

Russ Weaver has a lot of history and experiences that will hopefully touch, encourage and challenge those going through decision times in their lives.