I'm so thankful for Cowboy Church. I'm 79 yrs. young & handicapped. Sometimes I'm unable to get out & this just fits my bill. I have lived in TX 54 yrs.; originally from the hills of NC & SC. I love the music, the testimonies and Brother Russ's message. I've never been disappointed. Thank you for answering a MUCH needed calling. May God continue to Bless us through you and your Ministry, Joy M. Koch

I watch cowboy church on rural channel 232 on Dish on Sundays at 12:30. You guys have something special. A true heart for the depth of God's word and living it. Believe it or not that is very hard to find today on TV or in a pew. God Bless you.

Just found Cowboy Church.  It is fantastic!!!  I have had some personal issues in my life, I don't know how I ended up turning to religion, but it is really helping me.  I'm a 45 yr old UK citizen.  I love my family, horses, dogs and now I've found Cowboy Church.  Take care and thank you!!!

First off I want to say thank you for your faithfulness. I don't watch much TV but when I do I look first for the Cowboy Church and if it's on, that's what I watch. I love your singing and enjoy the service when I can. One particulaer episode caught my attention... Pastor Greg was giving his testimony of healing. It was incredible. ...And another time, I heard Susie's testimony of her life. Praise The Lord for that, too. You all have been an inspiration to me and my Dad and I very much appreciate what you folks do.

Watched cowboy church today and enjoyed it so much. We are regular
viewers and wish to become monthly contributors. Thank you for presenting
the gospel of Christ in a non-arrogant manner. Your true humility is so
recognized and appreciated.


Especially enjoyed Cowboy Church this week; with the Ladie's Ranch Rodeo, what a neat concept! Stay blessed and keep on a sharing the great talents that God has given you!

We appreciate what you do! I just got thru watching part 1 of Cowgirl Weekend from Smithville, TX, and I couldn't wait to email you to say that you made my Mother's Day! You did a SUPER job on this segment and we can't wait to see part 2 next week! Thank you so much!!

Dear Susie, Just had to email you to say how much we enjoy your Cowboy Church. My husband and myself watch it as much as we can. We live in England out in the country in a place called Wisbech. I edit a Newsletter for the Kings Lynn Salvation Army. The place Kings Lynn is about twenty miles away from where we are. We have told our Captain about your programme. I am not sure if he has been able to watch it yet, but I know he will if he can. Again, we love your programme. Please take great care and we send you our Dear Lord's Blessings.

I just saw my first episode of Cowboy Church on RFD. And I must say it really touched me. I have just in the past few months found my way back to church by way of cowboy church and my voice. God truly does work in strange ways, but He does give us our gifts to use for Him. You do a wonderful job and God has Blessed you. Keep it up.

Just wanted to let you know that it was a blessing to see you on Cowboy Church TV. I work as a drilling consultant and I stay on rigs 14 days or longer each hitch. Cowboy Church on TV is the highlight of my Sundays when I'm sitting on a well. Thanks for the encouraging program.

I am a rancher in the Texas Hill Country And I Love to watch Cowboy Church on R.F.D. every sunday. Especially when I am away from my local cowyboy church in Llano Texas. Preaching is GREAT!!! Music is the BEST!!! It would be great if you could expand to a one hour service, with more preaching, music, & Bible readings. Also wanted to let you know that I have an aunt who lives on the Texas Gulf Coast who is a shut in. She watches every sunday and loves it! Keep up the good work! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!! San Saba Texas

I've been a cowboy in NM all of my life. I am 67 yrs old now and still cowboying and i would just like to thank you for a great show that keeps me going, good music, poetry, and inspirational stories. What else could I want?

I just wanted to let you know that we love your show. There are no t.v. programs that we stop what we are doing(which may include riding a few horses and roping a few steers in the arena) to go to the house to watch, but Cowboy Church. We do not miss it and absolutely enjoy it. It makes our day better. I hope you can continue with the show for along time. God Bless you.

Just watched another one of your excellent programs, and I enjoyed it very much. Last week I was looking at your web site and dicovered a photo of Sheriff Alford and other Law enforcement officers that you Honored. Thanks and I hope to see more of you, and I also hope that I can attend one of your Church Services at a Wstern event before long.