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This Weeks Episode:

April 23, 2017 Episode # 541: Shepherd's Valley Cowboy Church service from Alvarado, TX.  Pastor Russ Weaver's Message: "Why We Worship" Part 01 Next Week on Cowboy Church: April 30, 2017 Episode # 54...

Statement of Faith

Simple, Clear, and Straightforward.....Cowboy  style. We believe that God eternally exists in three persons—the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit who all have complete unity and distinctness, nature...

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Viewer's Comments

I’m so thankful for Cowboy Church. I’m 79 yrs. young & handicapped. Sometimes I’m unable to get out & this just fits my bill. I have lived in TX 54 yrs.; originally from the hills of NC & ...

I watch cowboy church on rural channel 232 on Dish on Sundays at 12:30. You guys have something special. A true heart for the depth of God's word and living it. Believe it or not that is very hard to ...

Just found Cowboy Church. It is fantastic!!! I have had some personal issues in my life, I don't know how I ended up turning to religion, but it is really helping me. I'm a 45 yr old UK citizen. I lov...

First off I want to say thank you for your faithfulness. I don't watch much TV but when I do I look first for the Cowboy Church and if it's on, that's what I watch. I love your singing and enjoy the s...

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